Winter Training 2017 / 2018

Training only costs £2 per week and is payable in the Club Cabin at the start of one of the sessions. On payment, the athlete will be given a paper wrist band which must then be shown to the relevant coach. Athletes must register at the Club Cabin each session they attend even though they might have paid once during the week. This is so we have an idea of the number of people training with us. Unfortunately, we cannot train 7 year olds due to track insurance reasons.

It is essential that training fees are paid as the Club has a lot of outgoings including the rental of the track.

Please contact individual coaches to check on specific coaching sessions but otherwise the general arrangement is.......

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm.....This session is aimed at the newer, less experienced, younger athletes. Opportunities are given to try out various events including sprints, hurdles, long jump, high jump, soft javelin, shot put and middle distance.

Thursday 6pm - 8pm.....For the more experienced / established athletes. Start times agreed between athlete and coach.


Training times for the Winter training period

Nigel Rowland : Hurdles sessions...I have changed my work pattern. I will be two weeks away and then two weeks home. Whilst I'm away the Hurdlers should go to other coaching sessions some of which must be sprints. Click here for Hurdles Winter sessions starting on Tuesday 3rd October

Other coaches starting dates will be added here when known. If you know your coach please contact them directly.

Richard Thomas : Sprints...Starting Tuesday 3rd October : Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm youngsters and 7pm to 8pm older group. Thursdays 6.30pm to 8pm older group.

Pete Freeman : Middle distance...Starting Tuesday 3rd October : .Tuesdays 6 pm to 7pm (Primary School age ) ; 6.30pm to 8pm (Secondary School age)

Liz Rowland : High Jump...Starting  : Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm for youngsters and 7pm to 8pm for older athletes. Thursdays 6.30pm

Sue Alvey : Long Jump / Triple Jump....Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm   starting ...tbc. Sessions for U15 and above. Also U13's of a good standard

Huw Morgan : Javelin....Thursdays 6.30p to 8pm  Starting 6.30pm Thursday 5th Octoer

Philip Horn : Javelin...Tuesdays  6pm to 7.30pm   Starting date Tuesday 3rd October

Tracy and Karen llewellin : Throws...Tuesdays and Thursdays  6pm-7pm    Starting Tuesday 17th October

Luke Foley : Long Jump...  Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm from 6th October. Also helps out with other events.  Starting Tuesday 3rd October

Ron Griffiths : be confirmed

Wayne Griffiths : Middle distance...Start date Tuesday 3rd October

It must be emphasised that all involved with the Pembrokeshire Harriers are unpaid volunteers who give up their time for the love of the sport. We at the club welcome anybody wishing to help out especially on training nights. Whether it be helping to move hurdles, rake the long jump pit or shift equipment, any parental assistance is greatly appreciated. Please approach any coach or Club Official if you are able to help out. We don't bite !

The club is always looking to expand its coaching team. So if anybody would like to extend their help and get more involved there are coaching courses available for beginners throughout the year. Financial assisstance and guidance will be given to anyone wishing to help out in this way

Any enquiries please contact Club Secretary Liz Rowland.