Last Sunday, 10 Harriers athletes, accompanied by Team Managers and Officials, joined their WWA compatriots from Carmarthen, Neath and Llanelli to travel all the way down to Plymouth for the first UKYDL Match of the season. It was a long trip with horrible weather and some transport problems at the start of the journey home. However, as usual there was a great West Wales Team spirit and the group performed brilliantly to get third place. Well done to all involved for their efforts on the track and their patience afterwards !

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Here are the Pembs Harriers Stars who made the journey...

U17 Women

U17 Men

U20 Men

Tegan Foley

David Evans

Daniel Salmon

Lucy Omnet

Aaron John

Patrick Smith

Amy Rothero

James Tomlinson

Shaun Zygadlo

Lydia Thomas



..and the " older " Stars : Bethan Homer and Liz Rowland / Team Managers  ;  Louisa Davies / Timekeeper  ;  Karen Llewellin and Fay Omnet / Officials

The nub.....

As in every relationship, there are good times and bad times ( “good times, bad times, happy and sad”..Gallagher and Lyle circa 1976 ). Unfortunately, on Sunday evening/Monday morning, a “slight” hiccup occurred with our transport partner. The usually, silky, smooth coach company S##cox’d up. A band of our older Harriers SAS ( Special Athletics Squad ) which were part of a larger elite group…WWAA ( West Wales Athletics Army ), became stranded behind enemy lines down ‘saff. This was due to transportational (?) problems, or, as one very literate person stated in a lilting Welsh voice…” the blo##dy, big, bus is badly, blo##dy, broken ! ” Or, roughly translated…the bus is knackered. However, after lots of communication, relief buses arrived to take the weary troops home across the Bridge and the last drop offs were parachuted into Pembroke at 0400 !! 

This all happened after a very successful raid into Plymouth. Not dressed up as Spaniards but in the red and black vests of the WWA Composite Team. Although the weather proved to be unfavourable, the spirit of the team pulled the group of athletes, team officials and supporters through, resulting in a great 3rd position ahead of Cardiff, SE Wales and Yeovil. An encouraging start to the 2016 campaign.

A lesson to be learned….heed warning lights/funny noises emanating from engine or anything which doesn’t feel right. And, the moral of the story is, as any athlete should say, always listen to your coach !!

Some pics.....more to be found in the photo gallery 

Lydia Thomas


Amy Rothero


Happy athletes


Lucy Omnet


James Tomlinson