Last Saturday, Pembrokeshire Harriers entertained teams from Swansea, Carmarthen, Neath, Llanelli and Bridgend at the home track in Haverfordwest. The six teams were contesting the annual Gerald Codd Trophy Match. Swansea had won the cup the last two years and the Harriers Junior Team were determined to try and win it back this year. Team managers, Jo and louisa, pulled out all the stops and amassed a large, strong team. There were a few late withdrawals but this didn't deter the home team as they battled hard throughout the day and eventually, came through to win the match. Everybody contributed to the team effort, from those that won, right through to those that gained valuable points coming 2nd/3rd/4th etc in their event. The Junior Harries SAS ( Secial Athletics Squad ) at its best.

Two mentions. Arguably best race of the day was the U13 boys 1500m with a great dual by Iori Humphreys of Pembrokeshire and Frank Morgan of Carmarthen which went to photo finish and both broke the Gerald Codd Record !

Other mention to family Hill who are off to Canada shortly. James and Katy have been a big part of the team for several years and will be missed. Good luck on your new adventure.

The weather was kind and the rain stayed away as the sun drenched the hundreds of athletes/family and friends lining the grassy bank overlooking the track.All were treated to some exciting athletics and big thanks to Swansea(2nd), Carmarthen(3rd), Neath, Llanelli and Bridgend for coming down West to Pembrokeshire. Also, a big thanks to all the Club Officials from other clubs for playing their part as well as the multitude of helpers from Pembs Harriers who turned out en masse for the day.Couldn't do it without you.The two Annes and Barbara did stirling work in the kitchen supplying the masses with all sorts of wonderful refreshments throughout the day...these supplied by our very supportive band of parents and friends. Must not forget Hedydd Davies who kept the big crowd well informed during the proceedings in his usual initmatable way.

Click here for results.

Here are the young Pembrokeshire Stars....

Under 11 Girls

Under 13 Girls

Under 15 Girls

Megan Cole

Evie Jean Davies

Ffion Davies

Storm Gibson

Cerys Evans

Grace Flannery

Grace Griffiths

Katy Hill

Chloe Fox

Elen Hill

Rosie Hughes

Eloise Jenkins 

Yasmin Haigh

Seren James

Flavia Jenkins

Maddy James

Maisie Kite

Emily Kelso

Holly John

Jess Morris

Kaitlin Morgan

Lleucu Lloyd

Phoebe Noot

Abbie Rees

Lucy Wintle

Ella Rees

Sydnee Turner


Ellie May Rees

Ella Townsend 


Ella Wintle

Nia Williams 



Iola Williams-Jones




Under 11 Boys

Under 13 Boys

Under 15 Boys

Steffan Bridger

Noah Davison

Ned Bennett

Steffan Jones

Cian Harries

Iwan Dugmore

Dylan Kidd

Taylor Hornsby

Thomas Elliott

Rhys Lloyd-Roberts

Iori Humphreys

Owain Evans

Jack Nicholas

Michael Jenkins

Nathan Harvey

Morgan Williams

Troy Jenkins

James Hill


Mark Jones

Osian Hill


Kyle Kenniford

William Hughes


Daniel Kite

Wiliam Lloyd


Jake Laugharne

Dylan Phillips


Harley Lewis

Evan Price


Tom Mezzetta

Joe Pritchard


Daniel Morgan

Tomos Rees


Cian Rogers

Andrew Salmon


Jamie Zygadlo





Gerald Codd Match nub…well, I woke up on Saturday morning after having a dream about Pembs Harriers’ lovely golden yellow and blue vests and ancient Rome and thought, ” mmm, interesting combination”. Only one conclusion, whatever it is, this augurs well for the day, so, I shall make myself an Augur for Saturday. Why an Augur… well, why not ? The "Augurring" started well I’m glad to say.  As I drew back the curtains the Eastern horizon was lit up by a dazzling, yellow sun whose rays lit up the blue sky. It dawned on me then that this could be Pembrokeshire Harriers’ day and rescue the Gerald Codd Trophy back from the green and whites of Swansea. I was tempted to rip the white bedsheet off the bed and wrap it around me in Roman toga style, run into the garden and sacrifice an ant to whatever Athletics God resides in the great stadium in the Heavens. Alas, no ants to be found as all sunning themselves on holiday in Antigua. So, I made do with some toast.

I set off to Haverfordwest  laden with chairs, water, ice, more chairs, more water…, blimey how many people are we expecting ? Anyway, on went the car radio and lo and behold, first song on..”Mr Blue Sky”, closely followed by “Radar Love” by Golden Earring. Was this a sign ? so I slowed down and then there came into view a police car  (yellow and blue colours ) on the side of the road with his radar speed gun. Crikey, this auguring thing is good ! Also good is, you don’t have to walk around with a bedsheet wrapped around you for it to work. A token white hanky will do.

Scene….driving up Pope Hill, outskirts of Johnston…two cars ahead the number plate has initials SW in it. Car behind it has PH. Then, all of a sudden, PH pulls out and blasts past SW to take 1st place in the convoy. Spookey !  especially as what was to happen at the track later on. I could go on as there were several more interesting “ auguring” moments…...

Went through some roadworks with the usual array of cones. However, in this instance, the cones weren’t the usual red and white. They were a mixture of yellow and blue and also white with green stripes. Would you believe it ? All the yellow and blue cones were still standing and all the white and green had been knocked down!

Looked up in the sky and Mr Cumulonimbus had shaped himself into the Pembrokeshire Peninsular with Milford Harbour and Cleddau River curled into a fine grin. Just above it a layer of cirrus stratus shaped like Mumbles Head was fast disappearing into millions of miniscule, water vapour droplets.

Half expected to see yellow and blue bunny rabbits running beside the hedgerows. But that would be silly.

So, to the Gerald Codd Trophy Match. Jo and Louisa didn’t need any divine foresight. They knew they had picked a strong Team to take on Swansea and Carmarthen etc. All this auguring came to fruition as the all the young Pembs Harriers in their golden yellow and blue vests produced a great team display to overcome the mighty Swansea and Carmarthen. Family, friends and Club Officials all cheered on as Team Captains, Will H. and Chloe .F were presented with the Cup by Corinne Codd. Then the mass lap of honour by the triumphant troops.

The team consisted of experienced young campaigners abetted by a crop of new athletes. These will carry the success of the Club into the future…… all Augurs well !!


PS...well this is VERY Weird....been working over 40 years at sea and never seen ship's accommodation this colour before. Then one turns up day after Gerald Codd Match in Swansea colours...!!

 Team Swansea ?