The Covid 19 virus situation is a fast developing one and as a club we have to mindful of the health and safety of all our members and their family and friends. From being a news item about something happening on the other side of the world, it has rapidly developed into a global pandemic which has the potential to affect us all. With this in mind we have to play our part in trying to reduce the impact it might have in the community. There is no official guidance from Welsh Athletics/UK Athletics at the moment about specifics regarding any Clubs training arrangements. However, we feel we should take the lead, along with several other Clubs, and cancel all training for the foreseeable future. This will involve the cancelling of the block booking for the track There will also be no Open Evening which usually takes place in April each year. There will be no official gatherings / competitions involving Pembrokeshire Harriers members. 

The situation will be monitored constantly and any news/updates will be posted as soon as we get them.

We realise that all this will bring a degree of disappointment but, unfortunately, extraordinary times take extraordinary measures. The health of all our members is paramount and also that of our family and friends. Please follow all official guidelines and keep yourselves and loved ones safe.

Any further queries, please contact Nigel Rowland (Club Chairman)

Thanks for your cooperation.