As Christmas rapidly approaches, it will soon be time for our coaches and finely tuned athletes to take a break. For athletes...time to party with non alcoholic drinks, buy their friends presents for Secret Santa and their lovely parents who taxi them around all year. For coaches/parents/ the chimney sweep if you have an open fire 'cos if Sants gets his freshly laundered outfit dirty, there 'ain't gonna be any presents coming your way.If you have a gas/electric fire leave the front door key under a stone and a message in Elfish as to where it is ( don't want Santa knocking on the door and waking the little darlings up ). Also time to buy presents, write cards, buy more presents, write more cards to those you forgot in round 1 of writing, shop for the mountain of food and drink, plan all training sessions for 2017 ( oh yeah !! ), decide where to go for... Christmas dinner, Christmas tea, Boxing Day morning and Boxing Day walk, visit Boxing Day friends....and then party !

As regards training,,,,

Please check with your coaches but the official finish date is Tuesday 20th December. Official start again is Tuesday 3rd January but see below or double check with your coach

Nigel / work so finished. Start again on Thursday 5th January

Liz /  High Jump....Finish on Thursday 15th. Start again on Tuesday 3rd January

Pete Freeman / Middle Distance.....finish Tuesday 20th December. Start again on Tuesday 3rd January.

Laurence Worth / Middle above for Pete.

Richard Thomas / Sprints.....finish juniors on Tuesday 20th Dec. Senior group finish on Dec 22nd ( please check with Richard ). Start Tues 3rd Jan.

Sue Alvey / Long Jump.....tbc

Huw Morgan / Javelin...finished now and will recommence on Thursday 5th January

Luke Foley / Long Jump....tbc

Phil Horn / Javelin...finished now and will recommence on Tuesday 3rd Jan

Ron Griffiths / Shot.....finished now and will recommence on Tues.Thurs first week of January.

Tracy and Karen / Throws......tbc