Perfect weather conditions – windless, sunny and warm – greeted the good turnout of 14 Harriers who arrived for the final league race of the season. As usual Paul and Dan Coleman did their version of a duathlon and cycled to the event – although this time they did about 40 miles as a headwind was slowing them down and sensibly let the broom wagon driven by Jill take them the rest of the way ! It looks as if they`ve invented a new sport - a long distance bike ride followed by a cross country run. Perhaps I`ll have a word with Seb Coe and see if he can fit it in to the London Olympics.

Everyone else got there without any problems although Dave Griffiths had to have a toilet break just 2 miles before we got there. He couldn`t hold out any longer! There was no scenic route for Jan this time either.

The entry form was impressive. Just name, team and age – simples. (no need to give address, telephone number, favourite food etc etc ) and the course had something for everyone -grass, mud, a ditch and a stream, a steep uphill, a steep downhill, a woodland trail and a gate/style to climb over although the more observant runners had spotted a gap in the fence by the gate and ran through that.

Dan`s sprint finish to hold off another runner must be mentioned as his dip might even have impressed Usain Bolt.

Congratulations to our ladies team who were runners up to Brackla Harriers ladies in Division 2 and will be in Division 1 next season. The mens team just missed out on promotion with 3rd in mens Division 2. While Hannah Austin won the U20 women league title in her first year of competition.

Full results at http:/www.westglamleague.co.uk

Men's Race (about 4.5M) Time Position Category Cat Pos
Chris Dixon 31:17 27 OM 13
John Sinnett 34:03 59 V55 5
Dave Griffiths 36:00 76 V45 9
Paul Edwards 36:05 77 V50 12
Paul Colman 36:42 82 V50 13
Laurence Worth 36:51 84 V45 10
Martin Dyde 37:00 85 V50 14
Dan Colman 37:15 86 U20 4
Ladies' Race (about 2.25M)        
Alison Griffiths 19:51 32 F40 4
Jill Colman 22:11 40 F45 8
Jan Bell 23:03 44 F65 1
Pauline Charlett 24:09 46 F50 8
Barbara Thomas 24:09 47 F65 2