Amazing Turnout for 25th Pembrokeshire Primary School Cross Country Championships


The 25th Pembrokeshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships organised /officiated by Pembrokeshire Harriers volunteers with support from Wyndham Williams and Pembrokeshire County Council’s Sport Pembrokeshire, took place on Thursday 15th October 2015. This year saw the biggest ever turnout of children, with 1046 competitors from 50 schools over 8 races. This is an incredible success story over the 25 years. The race originally was held at Haverfordwest Racecourse, then Haverfordwest Rugby Club and in recent years thanks to Clare Stansfield,Marketing Manager, at Oakwood Theme Park, which provides a fantastic venue with ample parking. The Oakwood management are very supportive and also gave away family Oakwood tickets to all race winners.


Pete Freeman from Pembrokeshire Harriers has been involved in the organisation of the event from the very first race in 1990 and commented " The event has grown so much over the years and inspired numerous Pembrokeshire children to take up athletics. In 1990 Gerald Codd, Shay Buckley and myself organised the event with help from Corrine Codd, Ann Freeman ,Renzo and Ann Rabiaotti. We could never have envisaged the success of the event back then. I am delighted, especially as the event has never been cancelled in 25 years!"


Large numbers of spectators turned out to cheer the children on, in near perfect weather conditions, over a well prepared course. Many thanks to Pembrokeshire Harrier Athletes, STP & Taskers pupils who acted as hares and chaperones for the competitors, St.John Ambulance for First Aid cover and Oakwood for the venue and continuing support.


This year Cleddau Reach School achieved their first overall win at the event ,Hook  School were the Small School winners and Roch School were the dominant girls team with year 3,4,5 and 6 team awards. Congratulations to all three schools



Some schools did not have full teams so could not be considered in the overall result.


Overall Team Result

1st Cleddau Reach

2nd Prendergast

3rd Tenby Jnrs

4th Saundersfoot

5th Golden Grove

6th Hakin

7th Milford haven Jnrs

8th Tavernspite

9th Hook

10th  Roch

11th Pembroke Dock

12th Narberth


14th Mary Immaculate

15th Fenton

16th Y Frenni

17th Spittal

18th Glannau Gwaun

19th Broadhaven

20th  Redhill

21st Haverfordwest VC


23rd Maenclochog

24th St Marys





Year 3 Girls                                                                                         Year 3 Girls Team

1st Abigail Nicholas – Pembroke Dock,4mins 01s                                 1st  Roch

2nd Indy Lynch – Roch , 4mins 02s                                                      2nd Cleddau Reach

3rd Annabelle Wilson – Roch , 4mins 03s                                            3rd Milford Haven Jnrs.

4th Ella  Moir - Milford Haven ,4mins 08s

5th Isabella Allen –Mary Immaculate,4mins 15s

6th Carys Kenniford - Lamphey , 4mins 19s

7th Sophie Llewellin – Cleddau Reach , 4mins 20s

8th Polly Sykes – Bro Ingli, 4mins 21s

9th Izzie Rome – Lamphey, 4mins 23s

10th Aleta Zarenkova – Cleddau Reach , 4mins 23s 

Year 3 Boys                                                                                                                         Year 3 Boys Team

1st  Mason Heaney - Pemboke Dock , 3mins 41s                                 1st Mary Immaculate    

2nd Connor Hewings - Tenby Juniors, 3mins 45s                                 2nd Saundersfoot

3rd Rowan Dickenson – Hakin, 3.mins 47s                                            3rd Prendergast

4th Connor Davies – Sageston , 3mins 49s

5th Lewis Rossiter – Tenby Jnrs, 3mins 50s

6th Ben Phillips – Mary Immaculate, 3mins 52s

7th Josh Phillips – Prendergast, 3mins 52s

8th Louis Treadway–Williams – Saundersfoot, 3mins 53s

9th William Harries – Hook, 3mins 54s

10th Owen Wooff – Mary Immaculate, 3mins 58s

Year 4 Girls                                                                                         Year 4 Girls Team

1stLara Thomas -  Goodwick, 3mins 42s                                              =1st Roch  & Saundersfoot

2nd Katie David – Cleddau Reach , 3mins 43s                                         3rd Milford Haven Jnrs

3rd Holly John – Roch, 3mins 44s

4th Eleanor White – Roch, 3mins 47s

5th Maddie James – Lamphey, 3mins 55s

6th Imogen Scourfield – Saundersfoot, 3mins 56s

7th Mali John – Hubberston, 3mins 57s

8th Freyja Corbett – St. Oswald, 4mins 00s

9th Ellie Griffiths – Glannau Gwaun,4mins 01s

10th Juliet Scordino – Redhill, 4mins 01s

Year 4 Boys                                                                                        Year 4 Boys Team

1st Liam Miller – Hook,3mins 36s                                                         1st Prendergast

2nd Osian William – Prendergast, 3mins 39s                                         2nd Cleddau Reach

3rd Charlie Kelly – Cleddau Reach, 3mins 42s                                      3rd Milford Haven Jnrs

4th Finley Bruce – Golden Grove, 3mins 42s

5th Ramon Rees-Siso – Cleddau Reach, 3mins43s

6th Rhys Caygill – St. Dogmaels, 3mins 43s

7th Bobby Jenkins – Milford Haven Jnrs, 3mins46s

8th  Charlie LaTrobe – Frenni, 3mins 49s

9th William Hughes – Brynconin, 3mins 49s

10th Scott Paddison – Hakin, 3Mins 52s

Year 5 Girls                                                                                         Year 5 Girls Team

1st Ffion Ouseley – Maenclochog , 6mins 18s                                     1st Roch

2nd Lucy Wintle – Tenby Jnrs, 6mins 43s                                             2nd Golden Grove

3rd Yasmin Haigh – Cleddau Reach, 6mins 46s                                    3rd  Hook

4th Freya Lynch – Roch, 6mins 50s

5th Grace Stoddart – Roch, 6mins 55s

6th Jessica Mellalieu – Golden Grove, 6mins57s

7th Kaya Mujica – Glannau Gwaun, 7mins 01s

8th Lexiy Davis – Golden Grove, 7mins 03s

9th Maddie Managhan – Hook, 7mins 09s

10th Mila Blackwell – Tenby Jnrs ,7mins 12s



Year 5 Boys                                                                                        Year 5 Boys Team

1st Iori Badham – Tenby Jnrs, 6mins 00s                                             1st Glan Cleddau

2nd Morgan Williams – Pembroke Dock, 6mins 01s                              2nd Pembroke Dock

3rd Tom David – Cleddau Reach, 6mins 09s                                        3rd Lamphey

4th Daniel Hibbert – Haverfordwest VC, 6mins 09s

5th Euan Rutherford – Hakin,6mins 11s

6th Tyler Morris – Prendergast, 6mins 12s

7th Tomos Lewis – St Dogmaels, 6mins 14s

8th Lewys Roberts – Glan Cleddau, 6mins 15s

9th Seth Woodhouse – Glan Cleddau, 6Mins 15s

10th Tom Hayes – Glan Cleddau, 6mins 17s

Year 6 Girls                                                                                         Year 6 Girls Team         1st Ella Wintle – Tenby Jnrs, 6mins 06s                                               1st Roch

2nd Katie Hill – Broadhaven, 6mins 12s                                                            2nd Tavernspite

3rd Carys Ribbon – Fenton, 6mins 22s                                                 3rd Saundersfoot

4th Amy White – Roch, 6mins 27s

5th Evie Jean Davies – Saundersfoot, 6mins 49s

6th Esme Pykett – Roch, 6mins 51s

7th Maisy Foley – St. Florence, 6mins 54s

8th Holly Dewaine – Haverfordwest VC, 6mins 57s

9th Jade John – Tavernspite, 6mins 58s

10th Rosie Hughes – Brynconin, 6Mins 58s

Year 6 Boys                                                                                        Year 6 Boys Team

1st Henry Thomas – Mary Immaculate, 5mins 52s                                1st Golden Grove

2nd Owain Davies – Brynconin, 5mins 59s                                            2nd Narberth

3rd Harrison Goddard – Roch, 6mins 03s                                             3rd Pembroke Dock

4th Leon Davies – Fenton, 6mins 04s

5th Iwan Davies – Fenton, 6mins 04s

6th Noah Davison – Lamphey, 6mins 05s

7th Archie Treadaway-Williams -  Saundersfoot, 6mins 05s

8th Rhys Llewellin – Cleddau Reach, 6mins 06s

9th Ashton Arnold – Hakin, 6mins 07s

10th Jack Clarke – Tenby Jnrs, 6mins 09s