The good news this year was that only a few athletes lost their running shoes in the races, a great improvement from last year’s event when the course was waterlogged

The 23rd running of the event was another success story, we have to say a “big thank you” to the Oakwood Theme Park Management for once again hosting the event, for sponsoring so many extra prizes and their mascot “Scorch the Dragon” for being a “big hit “with the athletes in the presentation photos.


The Primary School’s Cross Country Championship is one of the largest participating events held for the Schools in Pembrokeshire, this year 945 athletes from 52 primary schools took part and the weather was kind once again.  Years 3 and 4 run 800m and years 5 and 6 run over 1300m , the children , teachers and the parents I hoped enjoyed the races and we hope to see many of them again next year.


There are many appreciations to make for the help given :-

Pembrokeshire Harriers for the organisation and their volunteers for managing the races.

Pembrokeshire Sport for marshalling, getting the runners to the start and the P.A. System

STP and Tasker Milward  School's  PE dept and the Pupils for acting as “Hares”.

Two ex-Head teachers form Mary Immaculate School and many others.

St John Ambulance for providing excellent first aid cover.


17 schools had complete teams, this years overall champions are Narberth CPS, the small schools champions (for schools less than 100 pupils) are Hook CPS. I hope to get the times for first ten in every race soon.

Although 52 schools participated the some results envelopes are  still being sent to the recorders incomplete (School Name  missing)

Please take care when recording as your school may have missed out on a trophy  


Here are the Provisional Results for the Oakwood Pembrokeshire Primary Schools Cross Country Championships 2013 held on Thursday 17th October.

Oakwood Pembrokeshire Primary Schools X/C Champs 2013          

                                          Year 3 Boys

  Name   School Time          
1st Iori Badham   Tenby Junior  2min 51secs          
2nd  George Jones   Narberth  2.53          
3rd  Morgan Williams   Pembroke Dock Community  2.54          
4th Sam Fallows   Bro Ingli  2.55          
5th Jack Nicholas   Pembroke Dock Community  3.03          
6th Max James   Narberth  3.06          
7th Evan Rutherford   Hakin Community  3.06          
8th Tom David   Cleddau Reach  3.08          
9th Oliver Berry   Maenclochog  3.10          
10th Oliver Hughes   Saundersfoot  3.11          
 Team  Champions    Hakin            

                                           Year 4 Boys

  Name   School Time          
1st Owain Davies   Brynconin  2min 48secs          
2nd Evan Watts   Glan Cleddau  2.52          
3rd Tom Fallows   Bryn Ingli  2.56          
4th Leon Davies   Fenton  2.58          
5th Rhys Richards   Saundersfoot  2.59          
6th Declan Byrne   Mary Immaculate  3.00          
7th Daniel Jones   Tavernspite  3.00          
8th Jack Clarke   Golden Grove  3.01          
9th Rhys Llewellyn   Cleddau Reach  3.02          
10th Tomas Gwilliam   Glan Cleddau  3.02          
 Team  Champions    Saundersfoot            

                                         Year 5 Boys

  Name   School Time          
1st Iori Humphries   Orielton  4min 45secs          
2nd Dylan Morgan   Sageston  5.09          
3rd Henry White   Roch  5.18          
4th Ben Tannerhill   Fishguard  5.21          
5th Clarke Phillips   Narberth  5.21          
6th Jack James   Stackpole  5.22          
7th Lewis Gammage   Narberth  5.23          
8th Daniel Kite   Prendergast  5.24          
9th Iwan Lilly   Mary Immaculate  5.25          
10th Travis Mathias   Stackpole  5.30          
 Team  Champions    Hakin            

                                           Year 6 Boys

  Name   School Time          
1st Harry Worth   Haverfordwest VC  5min02secs          
2nd Kieran Owen   Roch  5.10          
3rd Jack Baker   St Marks  5.16          
4th Louis James   Lamphey  5.17          
5th Dafydd Brown   Ysgol Frenni  5.18          
6th Rowan Fair    ?  5.21          
7th Jordan Roche   Holy Name  5.23          
8th Callum Stannet   Milford Junior  5.25          
9th Kieran Smith   Pembroke Dock Community  5.25          
10th Jarvis Thomas   Golden Grove  5.27          

 Team   Champions       Haverfordwest VC

 Oakwood Pembrokeshire Primary Schools X/C Champs 2013…Girls


                                              Year 3 Girls

  Name   School Time  
1st Lucy Wintle   Tenby Junior  3min12secs  
2nd Freya Lynch   Roch  3.15  
3rd Yasmin Haigh   Cleddau Reach  3.17  
4th Ffion Ousely   Maenclochog  3.18  
5th Tasha Peters   Hakin Community  3.25  
6th Mila Blackwell   Tenby Junior  3.34  
7th Grace Stoddart   Roch  3.35  
8th Daisy Whitfield   Narberth  3.37  
9th Maddie Managhan   Hook  3.39  
10th Ellie Hughes   Prendergast  3.40  
 Team  Champions    Saundersfoot    

                                              Year 4 Girls

  Name   School Time  
1st Sophie Day   St Florence  3min05secs  
2nd Amy White   Roch  3.07  
3rd Katy Hill   Broad Haven  3.08  
4th Ella Wintle   Tenby Junior  3.09  
5th Ane Schbutte   Croesgoch  3.12  
6th Rosie Hughes   Bryconin  3.13  
7th Eva Jean   Saundersfoot  3.13  
8th Esme Pikelet   Roch  3.14  
9th Lucy Jenkins   Prendergast  3.14  
10th Molly Burchmore   Templeton  3.15  
 Team  Champions    Roch    

                                              Year 5 Girls

  Name   School Time  
1st Seren James   St Aidans  5min42secs  
2nd Megan Poupard   Fenton  5.42  
3rd Menna Davies   Bryconin  5.46  
4th Bethan Pickersgill   Tavernspite  5.56  
5th Phoebe Noot   Bro Ingli  5.59  
6th Jessica Morris   Orielton  6.01  
7th Hannah Williams   Prendergast  6.02  
8th Sophie Bonnett   Milford Haven Junior  6.05  
9th Megan McConnell   Stackpole  6.06  
10th Kasia Cook   Lamphey  6.06  
 Team  Champions    Milford Haven Juniors    

                                              Year 6 Girls

  Name   School Time  
1st Ffion Davies   Golden Grove  5min34secs  
2nd Melody Street   Mary Immaculate  5.39  
3rd Kayleigh Taylor   Haverfordwest Community  5.41  
4th Lowri Hart   Pennar Community  5.43  
5th Flavia Jenkins   Stepaside  5.46  
6th Abigail Williams   Glan Cleddau  5.48  
7th Nia Williams   Pembroke Dock Community  5.50  
8th Eloise Jenkins   Stepaside  5.51  
9th Martha Wilson   Pembroke Dock Community  5.52  
10th Bethan Palmer   Golden Grove  5.54  

 Team      Champions       Golden Grove